She is a Moroccan girl in a bottle, polarized by the sun, infused with rich organic oils and honey... she lives in the heat of the Moroccan desert, she breathes the air of the Atlas Mountains and she plays with the cold winds of Michlifen. She is in you and in me, she is in everyone you see. Her skin tells a story, what’s yours?


I turned to my origins for guidance, the wise words of the women before me, the men working the land and the healing powers of fresh plants from the soil. I studied skin chemistry to better understand it and began to see results as I experimented with the purest materials... It was a sort of rebirth of my skin! Shortly after I had amassed a large collection of oils and infusions, butters and ancient potions! I don’t know which is true, that the plants made me love my skin, or that my skin made me love the plants.

All my troubles are behind me now. My skin is stable, strong and healthy. In a way it’s getting better as I age! I am filled with gratitude and joy for having formulated my serum – and that I have finally won the battle. The only thing left was for me to share this product with the world. It was the next logical step in my journey. It’s my way of giving back.


In 2010, the dazzling skin I once had vanished like dust into thin air as I laid in the doctor’s chair enduring the laser treatment. The result of the fraxel laser “treatment” was disastrous. I was left with compromised and highly-reactive skin along with tremendous emotional strain! I struggled for years to get my skin back, would’ve done anything! Looking back, deciding to undergo the laser procedure was the biggest mistake of my life! I know what it feels like to yearn for healthy skin and a beautiful complexion! For years, all I had was a memory of my skin, so distant it seemed impossible to regain

For many years I struggled to keep my hyper sensitive skin afloat. The more I tried, the harder it got; and just when I thought I had fixed one issue, another major skin problem arose! I suffered from hyper-pigmentation, scarring from the lasering, premature aging, enlarged pores, dull complexion, acne, milia, eczema, rosacea and swelling, irregular patches and peeling skin. But the worst of it all was experiencing facial skin pain to the touch! (I hope you never feel that.) I couldn’t step outside without provoking a reaction, my skin was so sensitive to the sun that even with 60 sunscreen and a giant sun hat, I couldn’t stay out more than an hour at a time. I was so desperate for help, I even changed my diet! Needless to say, I bought so many promising products on the high-end market! Nothing worked. I realized no one can save me from this, not even the big cosmetic brands with millions of dollars in research and development! and decided to take charge of my compromised skin, my mental health – and my life.

Lafassia is a family-owned company based in both Fes, Morocco, and Montreal Canada. It is our life’s work and pleasure to pursue the absolute best and purest ingredients of medicine`s kind so as to fundamentally heal and repair the skin. Using traditional methods improved over centuries with respect to their regions of origins and producers. Your Skin must be deeply connected to nature to restore your facial health and radiance once and for all. We believe that the path to a beautiful skin is contained within the knowledge, skills and practices indigenous to the diverse cultures of our beautiful planet. The story began in 2016 in Montreal when Mariam Chejai, the founder of Lafassia, finally turned back time and got her skin back after a failed laser treatment that left her desperate for help. The battle was a 7-year long fight to finally restore her skin back to its original good health. Mariam tried countless products in the high-end market and consulted many dermatologists and world-renowned aestheticians. Nothing worked and no-one could give her skin back! Determined not to fail, she finally cracked the code and invented the synergy that restored her skin back to its pre-laser treatment condition. Results were so evident to everyone she met! Joyous and inspired, Mariam set about wholeheartedly, devoting her time to helping anyone who might be in the same frantic, desperate skin situation. Designed to bring your best skin back to life, this oil can cure almost everything!


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